How do you view your community? Perhaps it’s similar to how we at Steelworks Design look on ours — as a place where growth is encouraged, where achievement is celebrated, and where each person is valued for their contribution. A place where all lend a hand, to ensure no one is left behind.

While our collective work on Habitat for Humanity Womens’ Build 2017 will make an important difference for families in Peterborough, our motivation to participate lay in inspiring people everywhere to work together. Whether it’s to build a home today, or a community tomorrow, we all have our part to play and a contributuon to make.

Since we started our Women Build 2017 fundraising campaign we have experienced amazing feedback from our community, our customers and our suppliers. Our continued efforts to collect, and recycle, scrap metal through the month of September have been very successful are made possible through the generosity and support of Nurse Scrap Metal for which we can’t thank them enough.

Our sincere thanks to all who have so far donated to this cause. We continue to encourage members of our community to spread our message, our call for further donations of scrap metal, and for financial donations directly to our Habitat for Humanity at our fundraising page.

A special thank you to: Eric Hanson, Sheila Evans, Automotive Driving Solutions and Peterborough Home Depot for your donations. You are amazing and we can’t thank you enough!

Together we can accomplish anything!