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Improvement is a constant in manufacturing. When opportunities to upgrade a specific operation or process — or the quality of your end-product — arise, as process owner you need to capitalize on them. Steelworks Design is the partner manufacturers trust to make that happen.

Steelworks Design offers a level of innovation simply not available from off-the-shelf solutions. Based squarely on your input and production challenges, our team works from the ground up to deliver practical, and proven, resolutions. Each one a reflection of our knowledge, passion, and decade-plus experience gleaned from a variety of industries and sectors.

The end result is highly-engineered turn-key equipment and tooling. Expertly-built to the highest standards, every Steelworks Design installation is designed to leverage the most from your improvement opportunities.  From efficiency gains to ergonomics, cost savings to enhanced safety; to turn their opportunity into reality, manufacturers, industrial processes, and engineering projects across North America turn to Steelworks Design.