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Experience changes your perspective

Having spent over a decade building our specialized equipment and tooling, we have taken to looking on all machinery differently. Learning to compare the intent of a design versus it’s real-world functionality has provided us with invaluable lessons about efficiency. In-house, we’ve applied this insight to build better machinery. Now, it’s time to bring our insight to your factory floor with a unique service and maintenance platform, one where incremental improvements today pay dividends tomorrow.

industrial construction

Structural and Mechanical Engineering

Licensed experienced Millwrights

Field machining and welding

Installation of commercial and industrial equipment

Pricing and contracts to meet your budget and needs

plant maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance

Breakdown service

Emergency visits

Licensed experienced Millwrights

Pneumatics and hydraulics service and repair

compressor service + repair

Routine maintenance that is anything but

Trusted by manufactures to deliver innovation and positive change, we proudly stand behind every facet of our work. Every Service and Maintenance contract is performed to current quality and safety standards, incorporates quality materials, and the very best Steelworks Design offers.

All services provided by Steelworks Design are backed by our full in-house team of engineers, expert tool & die makers, and industry-tested staff. As your partner in improvement, our services and solutions are designed to extend your capabilities, exceed your expectations and help you reach your full potential.