As we wind toward the end of March, and the end of Engineering Month, we’d like to share this opportunity with you to celebrate Engineers. To our own team, to our partner Engineering Teams and to Engineers around the globe, we are appreciative of the skill, and professionalism you bring to your work, and the myriad ways your vision and expertise elevate our own work, our communities and our lives.

At Steelworks Design, we’ve used Engineering Month to add the finishing touches to an enhanced roster of Structural Engineering services. Lead by Jim Adriaensen, our approach places a premium on collaboration with architects and clients, to arrive at solutions that benefit all parties. As is the case with all our service offerings, we value diversity in our project-base, lending our experience and expertise to small-to-medium projects in residential, commercial and light industrial. As always, our Structural Engineering team is fully backed by our in-house engineering, fabrication, and installation team, to ensure that your project is realized to it’s fullest potential.

Full details of our Structural Engineering program will be released in early April. We look forward to sharing them with you, and talking about your next project.