New funding set to advance Steelworks Design
to the forefront of collaborative
robot integration.

The advent of Collaborative Robots, or cobots, represents an exciting evolution in the automation sector. Unencumbered by safety fencing and guards, automation and employees are working side-by-side with newfound levels of freedom and productivity. Through a recent funding announcement, Steelworks Design is excited to be moving to the forefront of this emerging technology.

Affordable and adaptable, cobots are designed with force-limited joints and integrated sensors that mitigate the inherent risks of traditional robots. As such, collaborative robots integrate readily, and safely, with humans in manufacturing environments. Ideally suited to SMEs, they can assist with repetitive or strenuous tasks and adapt easily to short production runs. By 2020, analysts project the collaborative robot sector to top $1 billion annually.

The funding, awarded by Community Futures via FedDev and the Eastern Ontario Development Program (EODP), will establish a full-time position for an experienced Industrial Robotics Applications Engineer who will be tasked to directly contribute on client projects, and to develop in-house training and expertise. Funding will also support the acquisition of a collaborative robot to assist in training and integration.

While collaborative robotics at Steelworks Design is advancing in large part through these important funding initiatives, it’s driven by an existing synergy between our organization and this emerging technology, as explained by Simon DeNure, Engineering Manager:

“As a company, the human element is key to who we are, and comes through in much of our work. As an industry, we’re seeing a future that is based on collaborative manufacturing processes. From our perspective, pursuing this technology is simply an extension of what Steelworks Design has been doing for many years. It’s a natural fit.”

Collaborative robotics holds the promise to redefine the automation space. We’re eager to discover unique ways to integrate cobots into our work to improve your manufacturing processes and improve your productivity.

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