There’s peace of mind knowing that help,
when you need it, is close at hand.

When equipment goes down, costs rise quickly. Service and maintenance from centralized suppliers can lead to extended downtimes and increased fees, and erode your competitive advantage against urban-based operations. Steelworks Design levels the field with a robust Service + Maintenance offering that has until now, only been available from regional suppliers.

The difference starts right here at home. We’ve worked alongside many of you and have shared in the challenges operating in our region presents. Our Peterborough location allows for quicker response times, leverages the full capability of our manufacturing facility, with minimized travel and shipping costs.

Familiar with equipment from most manufacturers, our full-service team of licensed Millwrights, Tool-makers, Machinists, and Welders are available for both on-call service, or to design and perform a scheduled maintenance program. The breadth of our expertise, bolstered by the experience of our in-house team of engineers, fabricators and automation specialists ensures one call covers all your service and maintenance requirements.

Gain the home advantage, call Steelworks Design today.

Ron Trotter,
Technical Sales +
Service Manager

(705) 743-5551 x212

Don Barnet,
President +
Chief Technology Officer

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