Growth Comes Through Investment

This year, Steelworks seized an opportunity to face our strengths and weaknesses and improve our accountability to both our clients and ourselves.

As a result, we are thrilled to announce, as National Manufacturing Month comes to a close, that we have achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification – another proud milestone in the Steelworks journey.

And what a journey it’s been.

We want to share this experience with our colleagues because, like you, we take quality control and self-improvement seriously. The ISO documenting process soon revealed itself as an opportunity to put our goals, our talent and our reputation to the highest standards: our own.

Dissatisfied with existing software and databases on the market, we set Steelworks programmers to the task of customizing our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to run the quality management system for ISO standards. When the audit came, no faults were found; in fact we were praised for already having systems in place to catch mistakes, recognize trends, and flag non-conformances.

Imagine a thorough purchasing system accessible within a mouse-click; or a database for variances that tracks innovations and indexes unique adaptations. In Steelworks fashion, imagining is simply the ignition that turns designs into tangible solutions.

The ISO certification means Steelworks brings even higher levels of innovation, clarity, and solutions to our existing customers and allows us to serve nuclear and other industries that are mandated to higher quality control standards. We continue developing new Lean manufacturing principles as well as maintaining rigorous health and safety standards in all our practices.

So, in the name of National Manufacturing Month, take the time to ask yourself: what investments can be made in your company to up your game? 

As every company knows, when we invest in our own growth, we provide better products and services for our customers. So, go forth and prosper and think about what milestone you’d like to be celebrating when National Manufacturing Month rolls around next year.