A Historical


On Thursday, October 20, 2016, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) announced that Rhonda Barnet, VP Finance at Steelworks Design Inc., would become the new chair of their national board of directors, effective immediately. As she assumes the role, Rhonda also sets a milestone for the organization as the first ever female Chair.

“I am honoured to be selected as CME’s new chair of the board of directors and its first female in this role.  I look forward to continuing to be fully engaged in the important work CME does on behalf of its members to advance, improve and grow Canada’s manufacturing sector,” started Rhonda Barnet. “I am also very proud to be representing Peterborough at a national level. Peterborough is a great place to live and do business and this is further proof that you can be located here and be involved in national and international networks.”

Ms. Barnet has sat on the CME’s board of directors since 2013 and brings a proven passion for promoting Canadian manufacturing, along with her 25+ years of industry experience in finance, federal policy, national and international business development, to the role. She has held a number of progressive management and advocacy roles in the manufacturing industry and was invited to accompany the Prime Minister to the Netherlands and China on Canadian led Trade Missions to identify opportunities for Canadian manufacturers.

Ms. Barnet plans to prioritize the growth of CME’s membership and, given that more than 85 per cent of members are small and medium-sized enterprises, Rhonda will focus on working with SME’s, youth and start-up companies along with women in manufacturing.

CME is Canada’s largest trade and industry association, and the voice of manufacturing and global business in Canada. Founded in 1871, CME represents more than 10,000 leading companies nationwide, and – through various initiatives, including the establishment of the Canadian Manufacturing Coalition – touches more than 100,000 companies from coast to coast, engaged in manufacturing, international trade, and service-related industries.

Collectively, CME’s membership network accounts for an estimated 82 per cent of Canadian manufacturing production and 90 per cent of all goods and services exports.