Steelworks Design set to operate
from new, expanded facility
at beginning of July

In a little over two months from now, Steelworks Design will embark on one the most significant developments in the company’s history as we begin operations at our brand-new manufacturing facility. Located in one of Peterborough’s primary manufacturing hubs, once completed, the 112,000 square foot building will be home to Steelworks Design, Kawartha Metals, plus two additional industrial manufacturers.

“It’s going to be the most modern industrial facility in the city, and certainly the largest,” says Rhonda Barnet, Steelworks Design Co-President, “and a welcome development for our local manufacturing community,” she continues, going on to note that a search for property suitable for expanding the company’s operations has been ongoing for several years.

While room for growth is certainly a primary benefit of the new facility, Rhonda sees great potential for developing synergies with other industrial manufacturers.

“We already enjoy a great relationship with Kawartha Metals. We can only see working in closer proximity with them and the building’s other occupants as extremely beneficial for all involved.”

Steelworks Design is set to occupy 16,000 sq. ft. of the new building, with Kawartha Metals using 80,000  sq. ft. For updates on this and other news, we invite you to follow us on Twitter and Instagram.