While Steelworks Design started small, from the outset it embraced a big philosophy. Build better, design better, think better. 15 years later, that philosophy remains at the core of who we are. With our initial success came the understanding that the true product our philosophy delivered was trust. Clients trusted us to deliver better and it’s that dynamic that has ushered us into new markets and partnerships.

Today, there is so much more to Steelworks Design. We’re applying our expertise to new markets in need of the same philosophy we started with:

  • A Service and Maintenance platform as unique as the equipment it cares for. Our team of licensed Millwrights deliver Industrial Construction services such as structural and mechanical engineering, equipment installation, field machining, welding and preventative maintenance.
  • Structural Engineering that offers exceptional collaboration and cost-effective solutions. Certifications for racks and lifting fixtures; structural assessments for residential, commercial and industrial new-builds and renovations; and small-to-medium structural design projects in steel, timber and concrete.
  • Pre-start Health and Safety Reviews deliver peace of mind to employers and operators alike that equipment is safe and compliant.

Diverse as these are, each is borne out of our founding philosophy that we can deliver better on every project, and trust in every relationship. If you’re looking to better your next project, call us today.