From September 12-29th, women from across Peterborough County will be coming together for Women Build 2017. This Habitat for Humanity project empowers women passionate about Habitat’s mission to build not only a home, but with it hope and community. On September 19th, the Women from Steelworks — Rhonda, Katherine, Laura, Tiffany, Valerie and Emily, will take their turn to make a difference in the lives of a local family.

“As a group, we see this as a great opportunity to be involved in our community, in a more fulfilling way than simply making a donation. This project allows us to be hands on, and I know that will really have a lasting impact” says Katherine.

Steelworks Design is also running a fundraising campaign for the Women Build 2017 project. With the generous support of Nurse Metals, who eagerly agreed to partner with us in this effort, we’ll be collecting scrap metal at our facility, with the proceeds benefiting Women Build 2017.

You too can help, without even swinging a hammer. In doing so, you’ll be helping Habitat for Humanity offer low-income families the opportunity to build wealth and self-worth through home ownership. Please consider one of the following options:

  • Drop your scrap metal in the bin placed at our plant by Nurse Metal, who will be paying us an additional $10/ton on the metal collected. Or, for larger collections located locally, contact us and we will arrange free pick-up.
  • You can also make a financial donation by visiting our fundraising page.